trakeo supports NHS campaign for carbon reduction

By Tim Stephenson,

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The NHS Sustainability Day Campaign today launched an App to help the public measure their carbon footprint. The free app, called 50k Carbon Challenge, offer members of the public the opportunity to document their daily activities through a series of scenarios.

These scenarios, including eating less red meat, inform the user on how much potential carbon they can save. The user can then measure their footprint daily, weekly and monthly via the diary section.

Speaking about the App launch, Fiona Daly, Environmental Manager at Barts Health NHS Trust said:

“We are delighted to be able to launch our first ever app for this year’s 2016 campaign! We believe the app will make it easier for you to get your friends, family and communities involved in understanding your carbon impact. It will also make it easy to check your impact and measure your personal results.”

The app’s home page is here.