Workflow Manager

trakeo™ Workflow Manager

a cloud service supporting person-to-person, app-to-app and hybrid workflows

The advent of specialised cloud services offers the possibility to purchase best-of-breed services on a pay what-for-what-you-use basis. However to take full advantage of this opportunity requires close co-ordination and monitoring that can span the full lifecycle of the business process.

trakeo™ Workflow Manager is uniquely designed to provide fulfil this co-ordination natively in the cloud.

  • Move work smoothly between human and app participants.
  • Define expected durations and automatic escalations for each step in the process.
  • Built in resilience to failure through multiple recovery modes such as smart retry strategies and requesting human intervention.
  • Gamified and social reporting on performance of each team or individual according to type of work to ensure ‘comparison of apples to  apples’.

Example use cases

  • Regulatory or policy driven workflows that require an audit trail of steps performed, by whom and when.
  • Need for structured data to be repeatedly synchronised between cloud systems.
  • Case Management applications that require expert judgements based on presented data.

Trial service

trakeo™ offer a 30 day free trial within a single organisation, available upon request.

Product features

trakeo™ Workflow Manager offers the following features out of the box:

  • Distributing documents or reports created within or external to trakeo and co-ordinating their review and sign-off.
  • Personal ‘To Do’ items initiated by these embedded workflows as well as user-initiated tasks for themselves or named colleagues are available within the application.
  • Personalised ‘event stream’ for all activity associated with workflows each user is involved in.
  • Ordered list of comments on any workflow a user is involved with associated with the user’s photo or avatar.
  • Search for work.

Custom workflows – trakeo™ Workflow Manager embeds a full workflow system far more capable that what is exposed through the built-in processes. Custom workflows can be designed and embedded by us to your requirements, by your own staff or a combination of both.