Sustainability Works

trakeo™ Sustainability Works

A comprehensive Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) tool to monitor performance and promote sustainability in the enterprise.

Making Sustainability Pay

The case for sustainability becomes uncomplicated when a direct and measurable financial benefit can be shown for it. Clearly over the long-term, not acting sustainably is financially self-defeating, but long-term thinking is impossible when it’s the short-term expectations of share holders that drive behaviour. trakeo software ensures that a more sustainable operation becomes a more profitable one in the near and in the long term.

Risk Mitigation

How do you ensure your supply chain is not exposing you to unacceptable risk? Where do need to focus your resources to eliminate any risk that exists? trakeo software analyses your supply chain and using proprietary hot-spot algorithms can identify areas where incomplete data, spot contracts, complex sub-contracting, poor governance history, insufficient inspections or lack of certification can signal a potential scandal in the making. Combining this information with the environmental and social threats particular to individual product categories or raw input materials themselves can help keep the horsemeat out of the hamburger!

Impact analysis

Selling responsibly sourced coffee doesn’t make a responsible coffee shop. Real impacts must be calculated across all relevant indicators. trakeo software provides a complete social and environmental impact picture across the entire enterprise. With this information we can produce easily digested info-graphics that make sense of a complex picture. Once the baseline is established trakeo can deliver performance improvement targets by assigning sub-targets to individuals or teams and using game dynamics and social networking tools can gain traction within the organisation.