Recognised by Climate-KIC for innovation in sustainable supply chains

By Tim Stephenson,

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Recognised by Climate-KIC for innovation in sustainable supply chains

trakeo is very excited to have been recognised by the UK Climate-KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) based at Imperial College for our innovative approach to managing sustainability in biofuel supply chains.

We’re seeing that the lack of supply chain visibility producing bio-fuels is undermining the potential of the industry to mitigate climate change because it erodes confidence in the industry altogether. Government and regional policy developed in the face of concerns about the unintended negative consequences of feedstock production risks the baby along with the bathwater.

trakeo aims to make a visible link between the conditions of feedstock production and a consignment of renewable transport fuel, despite the loss of physical traceability because fuel with different characteristics are mixed in the supply chain. We do this by maintaining a virtualised supply chain in software alongside the physically mixed one.

Our product will lower the cost of compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (and other regulations). Moreover we can use this chain of custody data to optimise the sustainability value of consignments, increasing the return for our customers.

But perhaps the most important thing about being part of the KIC is not the validation that we are on to something with our understanding of the market issues but that we are now part of the growing network of companies all focused on finding ways to make our economic future more secure by making our environmental future more secure.