Clean and Cool Mission embarking soon

By Tim Stephenson,

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Clean and Cool Mission embarking soon

The Clean and Cool Mission is almost upon us now – 30 October to 7 November – and we’re busy putting together meetings for our packed agenda. Here is trakeo’s Tim Stephenson explaining why we’re excited to be going on the mission.

Trakeo from Clean and Cool Mission.

As Tim says in his interview about the mission (above), we know that bio-fuel has the potential to make a big impact in reducing the carbon released in transportation. Especially the sugar-cane derived bio-ethanol that is produced in Brazil since its Green House Gas (GHG) savings are so great. At the same time, there is concern and even out-right antagonism towards the idea that regulators are giving bio-fuel producers a free lunch. So it is essential that we provide transparency and evidence that the potential pitfalls are being avoided.

trakeo is expert in the software systems employed in all Fortune 500 companies to meet tough regulatory environments. Yet, as a start-up, we have the agility to respond rapidly to the needs of customers in the face of an evolving regulatory environment.

Whatever your role in the Bio-fuel supply chain, please get in touch. You can also meet Tim at FIMAI ’13 in São Paulo on 5 November.


For more background on the Clean and Cool Mission, check out the launch announcement.

Clean and Cool Mission Brazil 2013: Launch Event from Clean and Cool Mission.


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