Case Studies

Here are some of the ways we deliver Sustainability Resource Planning

The Bio-Fuel Tracker – Virtualised segregation of your physically mixed supply chain

  • Sustainability Regulation Compliance
    • Trace consignments back to origin
    • Demonstrate sustainability claims for each and every consignment
    • Compliant with national and international regulations incl EPA & RED
  • Sustainability Market Compliance
    • Monitors and calculates virtual (certified) stock levels in real time
    • Supports complex, multi-aspect consignments
    • Accurate Mass Balance accounting for feedstock conversion and consignments
  • State of the art
    • Cloud hosted
    • Out the box integration with your existing data systems
    • Insightful graphical reporting
    • Multi-lingual interface
    • Maximise the sustainability value for your consignments
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Waste Not Want Not – Monitor waste, energy, water and CO2 footprint calculator

  • Direct monitoring of the production or value chain
  • Real time insightful reports
  • KPI alerting via mobile
  • Trend analysis
  • Integrated game mechanics (Gamification)
  • Dynamically promotes lasting behavioural change


“Engage” – All pulling together!

  • Boosts productivity
  • Aids employee retention
  • 360 degree closed loop communication
  • Smooths change and transition
  • Desktop, Tablet, Smart Phone