Our principles

Living and working in a truly sustainable way is not a simple thing. The so-called Triple Bottom Lines of economic, social and environmental values are not easily reconciled. Achieving a healthy balance sheet across all three, the measure of lasting sustainability, is often more theory than practice.

At trakeo we believe good software can make all the difference. Applications that are well conceived extend our reach and capabilities. Allowing us to achieve ever more with ever fewer resources. With efficient software to rely on, new sustainable policy can go from the conference room to the factory floor and become day to day sustainable practice.

The ability of software to transform our world is indisputable, we believe passionately in the role of software to ensure this transformation is to a world that is more sustainable.

Portrait of Derek Charter

Portrait of Tim Stephenson

Derek Charter


Before founding trakeo I spent many years working to bring about sustainable change to some of the most challenging supply chains around the world. In this time I have learnt that often the most interesting and worthwhile innovations happen at the cross-roads. Where psychology and business intersect or technology and social interaction combine, new perspectives can offer game-changing insights. To quote Steve Jobs; “It’s technology, married with the liberal arts, married with humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing”
E-mail: derek@trakeo.com

Tim Stephenson


Prior to founding trakeo Tim’s background is in enterprise software and new product development. In both Global 500 companies and brand new startups Tim has worked to bring early product visions to market; covering all aspects of the process including forming new teams, evolving right-size development procedures and making technology selections. His passion is for the impact that technology can have to optimise both human and machine workflows for business advantage.
E-mail: tim@trakeo.com


trakeo is committed to contributing to a positive ecosystem collaborating to deliver a low carbon and sustainable world to pass on to our kids.

Here are some people we’re proud to have worked with. How about you? Do you have a software problem we can collaborate with you on?

Krav Consultoria AmbientalSecond Nature Partnership
BONSUCRO voluntary certification schemeClimate KIC UK (Knowledge and Innovation Communities)