50K Challenge App

We’re excited about this App because it shows people that environmental action is not only easy, but also much better for us in lots of ways, including boosting our health, our bank balance and our happiness.

The theme for Sustainability Day 2016 is The Big 50. Each of the actions are designed to save 50kg of carbon with simple tangible steps. These steps are a significant improvement not just to saving the planet, but being healthy, happy and financially secure.

Here are some top tips on how to encourage others in your organisation to try it too.

  • Forward this to your green team or environment champions network if you have one for them to spread around your organisation
  • Use the app to run a simple workplace challenge, by offering a reward for anyone who can complete 10 or more of the actions
  • Take to twitter or social media to be the first to let your contacts know about this new free eco widget

The App is just beginning and we’ll be updating it with lots more ideas on how you can save 50kg of CO2 and challenge your friends and colleagues to do so too. If you have any suggestions of what actions you think should be included, please feel free to contact us.

Access the app now at https://trakeo.com/50k-challenge/ or in the Play or iTunes Stores.

Available on iTunes Runs in browsers Get it on Google play