How do you go from mere sustainable policy to firm sustainable practice?

trakeo specialises in producing world class solutions that give life to your ideas. We understand that as well as financial capital , true sustainable success must deliver social and natural capital as well. Our solutions help you achieve this in three key ways.

  • Solutions that run day to day process and help meet operational objectives.
  • Solutions that address change management and stakeholder engagement.
  • Monitoring tools that analyse and report on sustainable performance.
"Sustainability is about is the opportunity of the century"
- Ben Clarke, Kraft Foods

Facilitate Sustainable Practice

In order to put policy into action you need the right tools. trakeo can match your requirements with configurable tools that will turn your plans into reality. Supply chain proof of origin and back to source traceability is essential to demonstrate production is sustainable. Our solutions can illuminate the most complex supply chain to bring much needed visibility. This is peace of mind for your customers and hard evidence for regulators.

Engage Staff, Customers and Suppliers

Getting projects and programs off the ground requires buy-in from every stakeholder. Fostering a sense of ownership, promoting awareness and raising consciousness is the difference between limited short-term benefit and lasting change. trakeo's solutions for stakeholder engagement will make sure no one is left standing on the platform when the train leaves the station...


Measuring performance is key to managing performance. Whether it's reducing carbon emissions, conserving resources, or reducing waste reliable data that is readily accessible and at your finger tips is essential. In many cases it's a matter of compliance. Reporting to a regulator, auditor or other industry body must be simple, accurate and timely. trakeo's monitoring tools calculates your key metrics in real time from data extracted directly from the production or value chain.